Does the Valkee Human Charger really work? Our Customers say “Yes”

valkee human charger

We love, love love this product.  It’s light weight, easy to use, and only takes 12  minutes per day!   It can be used almost anywhere – hands free!

From “Beth” in Minneapolis MN

” I stopped using the unit a year ago when I got hearing aides, but really miss the boost I get from it so will just have to work out using it before I put my hearing aides in every morning.”

The Human Charger and Summer Light really work

Caribbean Sun keeps bringing Sunshine

Caribbean Sun Light Box


Here is some more great customer feedback about the Caribbean Sun Light Box –

“Wonderful product!

Ordinarily we get a lot of sun here in the high desert southwest, but this winter we had several long stretches of overcast skies, and I could really feel it. Ordered the Caribbean Sun, and it arrived quickly, set up easily and unobtrusively on my desk beside my computer, and worked like a charm. (I felt more cheerful and less gloomy after just one morning’s work at the desk with the light on for ninety minutes.)

I only use it infrequently, as needed – in the morning, when we have overcast skies – and the Caribbean Sun lives up to its name. Two thumbs up.

(Note: I might have ordered the new mini version instead, but it wasn’t yet available; I find this edition is lightweight and portable, taking up very little room on my desktop. Highly recommend.)”

Caribbean Sun Mini Brings on the Sunshine

Caribbean sun MINI side

The Caribbean Sun Mini is shining brightly and making people happy. At only 6″ x 4″  this little light box packs a sunny punch!  Here is the latest customer review:

“I really didn’t expect any SAD light to work, but the price and size and luminance of this one convinced me to try it or else accept defeat by gloomy winter rainy days. We get 100 inches of rain here, almost all of it when days are short. And it works! It works immediately. It doesn’t radiate cheerfulness, but it makes my immediate surroundings seem like the sun is shining outside the window. When it’s on (I have it hung above my kitchen table, and I use my computer at the table, too), things seem brighter, not only in the sense of being less dark but also emotionally, and that’s what it’s supposed to do, right? I am so glad I bought it! If I continue to feel its good effects, I’m going to get another one for my bedroom (on a timer).”

Caribbean Sun Blue Delivers the Sun!

We just had a great product review that we wanted to share with you.

“If somebody would have told me that sitting in front of this light for 20-30 minutes a day would make as much of a difference as it has in my life, I would have say “You’re CRAZY!” but having used this product for just 3 days, I am a full believer.

My only problem with this product is the stand. It is not very substantial and if you don’t have the stand turned the right way, the light will fall over but it is in no way enough of an annoyance to not purchase this product.

If you’re looking to try out a SAD light, please don’t hesitate to purchase this unit!”

Well said and we agree!

Block Blue Light and Sleep Better

photo courtesy of

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, exposure to Blue light- using electronics at night is one of the “single biggest contributors to our collective sleep problems” according to Kris Gunnar’s December 2015 article on Sleep. Exposure to blue light suppresses our body’s Melatonin production. Supression of melatonin have been linked to many health issues including: “metabolic syndrome, obesity and cancer, as well as mental disorders like depression”

Simply, the blue light tells the brain that it is daytime, so the body often doesn’t feel tired. Turn off electronics about 2 hours before your bedtime, and PLEASE remove the television from your bedroom. If this isn’t possible for you, try using Blue Blocking Glasses or install F.lux on your electronic devices.

Making Light Therapy Work for You

Litebook Elite in use2 6050

Ok, so you finally bought a light box.  Now what?

In order to have light therapy work for you, here are some simple rules to follow for the maximum benefit:

  • Use your light box at the recommended distance
  • Try to use your light box every day
  • Use your light box as close to the same time of day as possible
  • Make sure that the light box is shining on your face, but don’t look into the light box
  • As the daylight hours become shorter, your light therapy sessions can become longer
  • You should feel energized but not jittery or agitated
  • Try to use your light box in one session instead of starting and stopping therapy several times each day
  • If your bulbs are old, they are less bright, and should be replaced


Valkee Human Charger “Is Amazing”

Valkee brain

We had a new customer call today to order a Valkee Human Charger.  She told me that their family has a history of Seasonal Depression.  Her sister recently began using the Human Charger for 15 minutes each day.  Our customer said that her sister didn’t used to be able to get out of bed.  Now, she can get up and see the kids off to school, and she is feeling so much better!  Once she saw the great results her sister was having, she knew that she wanted to get one for herself.  We love to help people, and we love it even more when they follow up and let us know what a difference our products are making in their lives!!!  We are hearing great things about this new device that delivers light through ear buds and is the size of an MP3 player…amazing.

Blue Light Port A Sun Bulbs


Several years ago, we sold an American Environmental Product (AEP) light box, called a Port A Sun Blue.  They also sold this unit under the name Mighty Mini.  It was available with a blue or white bulb.  AEP has since gone out of business, and we had a difficult time finding the BLUE replacement bulb.  Good News!  We have the blue replacement bulb now.